Web video is the most effective on-line marketing tool available today…

Why does your business need to use video marketing?

Video engages your customers like nothing else!

Video vastly increases engagement on websites, and increases click through rates dramatically. Google interprets this with hugely positive effects on your SEO thanks to video engagement. Video is the most powerul persuader in online purchasing decisions. And your competitors are using it. You can’t afford not to…

Social media is completely dominated by video

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Facebook is FULL of video. People spend less and less time reading websites, they spend more time watching video on mobile devices than anything else. That’s what your customers are looking at. Isn’t it time you had a video?
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Video Production - How do we do it?

It’s not rocket science. You give us a brief, we’ll agree a budget and a time to shoot, and we’ll turn it round in a matter of days.

We shoot your video on professional HD cameras with top of the range Canon lenses, and a Satchler fluid head tripod. Further style can be given by use of camera sliders or dolly, and even a 3m crane. We can also take you higher with a state-of-the-art drone.

We will edit the film to your brief and specifications, and deliver the file in whatever format you require. You can choose from a library of production music, and we can include your logos or create graphic branding for you.
We can also provide hosting options if you require.

We aim to keep things simple and affordable. However we can find whatever resources you might need, from actors and voice-over artists to lighting and set dressing, to make-up and wardrobe. Here’s the making of a pop video shot on the Costa, a simple shoot of a big shoot!

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What kind of video do you need for YOUR business?

We always adapt to your needs, offering creative and economic solutions, delivering an engaging and distinctive message to the viewer.


Maybe you need some photography of your event or business…

Take a look at our photo gallery. We can undertake any event, realty or promotional assignment to supply you with the images you need.


Roland Quesnel

The Arts Workshop SL, B92380039, Calle Bélgica, Mijas Costa, Malaga, Spain
+34 670 652 977

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